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My name is JOSH, and I'm a West Highland Terrier mix! At only 48 hours old, I was taken into the Camarillo Animal shelter in Ventura County to be put to sleep because of a cleft palate. The rescue group Leave No Paws Behind immediately called my mommy Tina Marie Lythgoe and asked if she would take me. She said YES! 2 hours later I was home. My mommy Tina does knows how to tube feed, but I did great with a bottle. Now, I'm 2 years old and thriving! I want to let the world know that Birth Defects DO NOT need to be a death sentence! Im Alive, Healthy, and Happy!

P.s... I am known to have more Girlfriends than Hugh Hefner!

Hello! My name is Tina Marie Lythgoe, and I'm the Founder of Josh and his Critters. I have been rescuing and saving animals for 30 years now. I'm known throughout the community as the mother of all, and in 2011 I even received a humanitarian award. I believe anything with a heartbeat deserves a chance, no matter what it is! I will jump through fire and crawl through broken glass just to help an animal. I've been this way since birth... My puppy Josh and I have accomplished many memorable things. We landed the cover of Modern Dog Magazine in Spring of 2015. We also have our very own national radio show called Critter Radio on CRN Digital Talk Radio. We have a Number One Seller book on Amazon about our life called I'm Not Defective the Story of Josh, and two adult coloring books. All proceeds from our books go to saving the critters. I'm very proud of who I am, and when I wake up in the morning I can look in the mirror and smile because I'm in it to save all creatures...  

I'm Tina!

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